Learning to Experiment: Pedagogies across Art, Activism, and Academia (online video)

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Together with Julia Bee I introduce the platform nocturne we co-founded last year. Nocturne is a hub for connecting techniques of teaching and learning in the arts, activism and academia, working at the intersection of different forms of research and education. At nocturne we experiment with alternative pedagogies and the format of the workshops in and beyond traditional teaching. Nocturne …

Workshop Operation | Performance

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11th-12th February, 2021 (Thursday/Friday)   organized by Gerko Egert, Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, Justus-Liebig-University, Gießen The workshop will take place online.Please register by sending an email to: gerkomail@gmail.com. You will receive a link to the Webex meeting before the workshop. The workshop addresses the relation of two concepts: Operation and Performance. Performance made its advance into theory mainly from the analysis of human …

Book Presenation and Workshop: „How to Experiment? Radical Pedagogies in Art, Academia and Activism“

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Thursday, November, 19th 2020, 8:00 – 11:00 pm The event will take place online (link) More information at viertewelt.deThe presentation and discussion will be in English! The relation of artistic, academic and activist practices are at the heart of the Public Research Series since its beginning. In our November session we will look at the techniques at work in all …

New Platform, New Publication

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Together with Julia Bee I founded the platform Nocturne. The platform offers a space for experimental thinking and learning and will be home to multiple events and publications. Together with the platform we launched out first book: Experimente lernen, Techniken tauschen. Ein spekulatives Handbuch. The book collects multiple techniques for learning and sharing from academia, the arts and political activism. …

New Text in ARCH+

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My article „Migration, Kontrolle und Choreomacht“ [Migration, Control and Choreopower] is now published in the recent issue of ARCH+ (in German) I am proud to be part of this great issue on Europe’s infrastructures of externalization and infrastructural racism edited by Dennis Pohl and the ARCH+ team! It is the first text from my current (nearly finished) book project „Choreopower. …


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I startet a new Blog: Probehandeln.blogI will post shorter texts dealing with various aspects of my current research interests. The first entries will deal with practices and concepts of investigative research (or: research as detective work) Check it out! (it is in German only…)

Cancelled: Einladung und Call for Papers: HOT TOPIC [don’t stop] eileen myles

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Achtung: Die Veranstaltung fällt leider aufgrund der gegenwärtigen Umstände aus! Wir hoffen, sie zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt nachzuholen. Bis dahin als Online-Ersatz: Eileen Myles ließt Wolf (als Teil der House Party #2, The Poetry Project Hier die Einladung und der Call for Papers zu einer Lesung und Workshop mit und zu Eileen Myles. Schickt uns eure Ideen und kommt vorbei! …

Workshop: Ecology of Techniques II: Formats

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January 25-26, 2020 Instite for Applied Theater Studies, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen In the workshop we address the question of format from a performance and media-theory perspective. How do a different notion of techniques/practices as it became popular in the recent years also call for different formats on the level of presentation as much as on the level of production. And how …

Conference „Choreographie als Kulturtechnik“

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I will present my research on choreopower at the conference „Choreographie als Kulturtechnik“ in Gießen. In GermanGießen, 30.1.-1.2.2020Detailed program: hereOrganized by Sabine Huschka and Gerald Siegmund Abstract of my paper:Macht bewegt sich, Macht bewegt. Techniken einer choreographischen PolitikDer Vortrag widmet sich der Frage der Choreographie als einer Technik der Macht. In Szena- rien wie Kolonialismus, Migration, Logistik und Verkehr agiert …