Book Presenation and Workshop: „How to Experiment? Radical Pedagogies in Art, Academia and Activism“

Thursday, November, 19th 2020, 8:00 – 11:00 pm

The event will take place online (link)
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The presentation and discussion will be in English!

The relation of artistic, academic and activist practices are at the heart of the Public Research Series since its beginning. In our November session we will look at the techniques at work in all three of these fields. With a special focus on the question of teaching/sharing/collaborating we want to ask, how knowledge is collectively produced and shared. Over the last decades, many new forms of radical education emerged that sidelined established institutions  like, schools, universities or art institutions. What can we learn from these practices? And how can we learn to learn differently?

The session will be an open discussion of sharing experiences, techniques and ideas of how to learn and share knowledge differently. 

At the beginning Gerko Egert will introduces the session by presenting a collection of techniques for experimenting from the university, the arts and political activism published in Experimente lernen, Techniken tauschen, edited by Julia Bee and Gerko Egert (in German). The book can be accessed online here: