New Platform, New Publication

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Together with Julia Bee I founded the platform Nocturne. The platform offers a space for experimental thinking and learning and will be home to multiple events and publications. Together with the platform we launched out first book: Experimente lernen, Techniken tauschen. Ein spekulatives Handbuch. The book collects multiple techniques for learning and sharing from academia, the arts and political activism. …

New Text in ARCH+

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My article “Migration, Kontrolle und Choreomacht” [Migration, Control and Choreopower] is now published in the recent issue of ARCH+ (in German) I am proud to be part of this great issue on Europe’s infrastructures of externalization and infrastructural racism edited by Dennis Pohl and the ARCH+ team! It is the first text from my current (nearly finished) book project “Choreopower. …

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I startet a new Blog: Probehandeln.blogI will post shorter texts dealing with various aspects of my current research interests. The first entries will deal with practices and concepts of investigative research (or: research as detective work) Check it out! (it is in German only…)

Cancelled: Einladung und Call for Papers: HOT TOPIC [don’t stop] eileen myles

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Achtung: Die Veranstaltung fällt leider aufgrund der gegenwärtigen Umstände aus! Wir hoffen, sie zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt nachzuholen. Bis dahin als Online-Ersatz: Eileen Myles ließt Wolf (als Teil der House Party #2, The Poetry Project Hier die Einladung und der Call for Papers zu einer Lesung und Workshop mit und zu Eileen Myles. Schickt uns eure Ideen und kommt vorbei! …

Workshop: Ecology of Techniques II: Formats

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January 25-26, 2020 Instite for Applied Theater Studies, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen In the workshop we address the question of format from a performance and media-theory perspective. How do a different notion of techniques/practices as it became popular in the recent years also call for different formats on the level of presentation as much as on the level of production. And how …

Conference “Choreographie als Kulturtechnik”

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I will present my research on choreopower at the conference “Choreographie als Kulturtechnik” in Gießen. In GermanGießen, 30.1.-1.2.2020Detailed program: hereOrganized by Sabine Huschka and Gerald Siegmund Abstract of my paper:Macht bewegt sich, Macht bewegt. Techniken einer choreographischen PolitikDer Vortrag widmet sich der Frage der Choreographie als einer Technik der Macht. In Szena- rien wie Kolonialismus, Migration, Logistik und Verkehr agiert …

Moving Relation

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Today my copies of the English translation of my book on touch in contemporary dance arrived! More information on