Touch. Haptic and Affective Relations in Contemporary Dance (PhD, 2010-2014)

In my PhD research I developed new perspectives on a key phenomenon in the performance of dance: touch. In contemporary dance, touch takes place in manifold ways: stroking, caressing, hitting, lifting, holding, etc. All these different modes of touch demonstrate that touch cannot be reduced to the mere contact between two bodies. It creates an interplay of movements and multiple relations of proximity. Through this process-oriented notion of touch I reevaluate key concepts such as the body, rhythm, emotional expression, subjectivity and audience perception. I therefore propose that movement, experience and affect as central concepts for an analysis of touch. By closely analyzing eight performances by European and American choreographers such as Meg Stuart/Philipp Gehmacher, Jared Gradinger/Angela Schubot or Xavier Le Roy I investigate their usage of touch.

With my research I bring affect theory to the field of dance and performance studies. In recent years there has been a growing interest in the concepts of affect, relation and motion in the humanities. At the same time a discourse on touch became prominent in the field of philosophy, based mainly on the deconstructive writings of Jacques Derrida (On Touching, Jean Luc-Nancy, 2005) and Jean-Luc Nancy (Noli me tangere, 2008) as well as Erin Manning (Politics of Touch, 2007). The aim of my research is to bring together close descriptions and analyses of these dance performances with theoretical investigations into the question of touch across the fields of performance and dance studies, philosophy and cultural theory. The guiding question is therefore twofold: What do these concepts provide for the analysis and conceptualization of contemporary dance performances? How does the focus on dance and movement advance the discourse on touch, especially the notion of the touching body?


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